Studies find combination topical immunotherapy has a cure rate above 95%

When I started my practice in 2007, I looked for a low-cost alternative to skin cancer surgery. Dermatologists in Australia, Europe, and the UK were using Imiquimod 5% Cream, sometimes with 5-Fluorouracil, to treat basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma.

Adding Tretinoin 0.1% Cream to the combination, I created "The Shen Cocktail." Tretinoin 0.1% Cream peels the top layer of skin. Imiquimod 5% Cream and 2% 5-Fluorouracil signal an immune response to attack cancerous and precancerous skin cells.

I've used "The Shen Cocktail" on over 5,000 patients over a ten-year period. Researchers at University of Miami have concluded the cure rate for this combination topical immunotherapy is above 95%.

John T. Shen, M.D.


"Non-Invasive Treatment of Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head or Neck"

Poster presentation at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology

"Combination Topical Chemotherapy for the Treatment of an Invasive Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

Case report in February 2020, Volume 19, Issue 2 of Journal of Drugs in Dermatology


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